MCM are a design consultancy that puts people before space, by creating holistic and sustainable solutions for commercial spaces that are designed for good. Enhancing, not harming our environment.

Kite collaborated with them to design, create and install all joinery elements for their new office in London. As this was MCM’s own office they wanted to test ideas and push design boundaries and we were seen as an ideal trusted partner due to our experience and reputation for providing innovative sustainable design and build solutions.

The new office was to be an evolving destination for creative innovation, low carbon, flexible, adaptable and reusable, a social and connecting space, designed to be loosefit, sustainable and to allow future repurposeability.

For the main office space, the joinery included a multipurpose modular pod system providing 2 large meeting rooms with 3 additional private call points. A substantial communal kitchen and a printing/storage area were also incorporated within the pod along with external floating shelving units and storage solutions for samples. MCM’s brief also included a more informal space for which Kite designed, built, and installed a second kitchen and additional wall cladding treatments.

Following a circular economy process, all the joinery was designed to ensure minimal waste was created during production.

The pods were built in modular sections, bolted not screwed. The ceiling was also built using a modular design so it could easily be manoeuvred up to the 4th floor via an internal stairwell and the entire structure was designed for future disassembly.

The kitchen carcasses were constructed using our glueless construction methods to also allow future repurposeability.

We used low impact sustainable materials from ethical suppliers with a transparent supply chain such as;

  • WISA spruce ply which was celebrated for its’ natural beauty.
  • Recycled textile insulation.
  • Aluminium ironmongery which can be recycled.
  • FSC certified sustainably sourced timber.

The Result.

We have helped to maximise the clients return on this investment by future proofing the kitchens and pods by designing for disassembly, helping to minimise environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint of the project and we have also enhanced health and wellbeing benefits by reducing toxins.


“Kite Creative’s commitment to sustainability truly sets them apart. Throughout our project, they demonstrated a keen awareness of environmental impact, working collaboratively with us to source eco-friendly materials and methods of construction. Their dedication to creating a more sustainable future aligns seamlessly with our values, making Kite Creative the ideal partner for those who prioritize both innovative design and environmental responsibility.”

Jon Race