About us

Nested Living is pioneering a regenerative way of living, reimagining the spaces we live, work and play in, to help restore the wellbeing of people and planet.


To accelerate the worlds transition to regenerative living

How do we get there.


We are designing and creating regenerative solutions for the spaces of the future leading society into a new way of living.

Our purposeful philosophy means we go beyond the aesthetic. Working with science and nature in an integrated approach with the wellness of the human and planet at the centre, we apply our regenerative framework to all projects.

With our design studio and workshop in-house this allows us to truly follow a circular process. By designing out waste, using non-polluting materials and developing a system of reuse, repair and repurposing we are reducing our carbon emissions and toxins.

From the design stage through to creation, to installation and occupation, our spaces and furniture ensure increased health, stimulate creativity, wellness and encourage positive behaviour, where what we produce will stand the test of time and enable numerous lifecycles.




Why does Nested Living exist?


Can you imagine a new world of living where health is the new indicator of increasing value, rather than simply for financial gains?

Fresh air, clean water and healthy communities are essential for human existence. All three are threatened by the toxic materials we use and the waste that is created.

To achieve net zero by 2050 requires a revision of how we design, make and use products and materials, and how we use land.

We have a responsibility as designers and businesses to lead the way and implement change. It’s our actions in the next 10 years that will help shape the future health of people and planet.

We believe that to truly minimise our impact on the environment and restore our wellness we have to focus not just on the exteriors of buildings but also on the interior spaces and the furniture that occupies them.

A product and the space it occupies must deserve its place in the world and it must be proven we can make it with the least environmental impact possible.

Our Values

We are…



Who we are;


Our hands on conscious Design Studio and Workshop/Showroom based in Oxfordshire is run by co-founders Helen and Bruce Gordon



Helen Gordon

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Co-Founder & Creative Director

BA Hons Fashion and Textile Design (specialising in Printed Textiles), MSC In Fashion Marketing (with Logistics), Diploma in Architectural Interior Design. Various Regenerative Courses

As a creator, researcher and strategist Helen passionately believes in creating change within industries, where collaboration is key towards achieving greater productivity and efficiency.

By putting life at the heart of everything she does with regeneration and wellbeing her core values, she strives to make a difference, building a better future for all life.

Over 30 years experience working as a Designer, Retail Buyer, Product Developer and Business Owner, has allowed Helen to consistently create innovative design ideas and deliver commercial solutions for increasing sales and profit.

As Creative Director for Nested Living, her passion for nature and sustainability and the wellbeing of the human forms the design narrative that underpins every design project. An ardent supporter of the Circular Economy she believes this is the system to follow to help shape a new brighter future for all.

Bruce Gordon

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Creative, practical, and with a wealth of experience across multiple mediums Bruce has a passion for building beautiful things.

Bruce’s career as a designer maker, and his work on major Hollywood films, shows in the flawless craftsmanship, fit and finish of each project we design and create for. Along with his 3D spatial expertise at designing and planning spaces, furniture and products and his practical experience in bringing major projects to completion within tight deadlines, he’s a reassuringly calm presence to direct our team on the construction and effectively oversee client projects both large and small.

About our Founders

Founded in 2014 by Helen and Bruce Gordon, Nested Living brings together their 60 years of combined experience in diverse industry sectors such as the built environment, film, retail and manufacturing, designing and creating spaces, furniture and products for renowned brands. They have gained a huge insight into the enormous amount of unsustainable and unethical practices that occur throughout the supply chain along with the increasing amounts of global consumption and waste. Passionate about creating change Nested Living believes that by shifting from a competitive mindset to a collaborative one, by remapping supply chains locally and building in social impact we will help to restore and support communities, in turn allowing us and our planet to live and flourish

Inspired by nature and living systems, they apply holistic thinking to projects, where problems are seen as possibilities, innovation is encouraged, and attention to detail and quality ensured, where every space, piece of furniture or object is crafted to speak with authenticity and soul.



Nested Living converted two properties we bought. They did an excellent job and everything was timely and within budget. Both the interior and the build were finished to a high professional standard. We highly recommend their services and we hope to work with them again in the near future.

James and Karina Murphy

Our portfolio

Completing multiple turnkey design and build projects aswell as individual interior design projects, we have extensive experience of refurbishing period properties to a high standard and an in-depth understanding of the complicated skills these properties require.

Now focusing on creating regenerative interior spaces and the furniture that occupies them we bring the added benefits of our build expertise to every project.

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