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In order to be truly regenerative and minimise our environmental impact, there needs to be a shift from the old 20th century take-make-waste linear mechanistic method of manufacture to circular.

We consider the following principles within our Regenerative Living Framework when designing and creating.

Circular ecosystems- designing out waste, re-using and repurposing, traceable and renewable ensuring that what we produce will stand the test of time and enable numerous lifecycles.

Measuring our impact- both operational and embodied






Circular Ecosystems;

The Circular Economy

We are supporters of the circular economy and believe this is the right process to follow in the manufacture of our furniture and products.

In order to be truly successful in building a circular process all parts need to be kept in-house and by having our own workshop allows us to create our own regenerative solutions for interiors. 

By focusing on design, we are developing furniture that will follow a circular process throughout its’ entire lifecycle– from raw materials, through the production process, to the products we use and finally repurposing and recycling. 


Bespoke Furniture and Fittings 

We apply our Regenerative Living Framework to every project we undertake to ensure the best outcome for people and the planet and under guiding principle 3 we are minimising environmental impact.

We can make all bespoke joinery items for your commercial or residential interior including kitchens, bedroom, office or restaurant, working with not only wood but many other sustainable materials.

With so many exciting new sustainable materials being developed between designers and scientists, we love the challenge of using these in our projects.  Sourcing responsibly, we search for the most eco-sustainable materials we can find to help minimise environmental impact and enhance the recyclability of materials, increasing energy and material efficiency.

Some interiors demand something that’s a little different to create truly unique crafted pieces to create a legacy for future generations.

Our Guiding Principles.


By considering both the human and environmental aspect at every stage of the life cycle of the materials and products we produce, from the raw material extraction through to the end of the product’s life we are eradicating polluting materials and fossil fuels from our supply chain and striving to only use renewable materials in our projects. Made from natural resources that can be replenished generation after generation, with only natural formaldehyde content, and low VOC’s we help reduce pollutants in the atmosphere.


Provenance of the Product.

We are working towards all our products, and furniture we use or manufacture being fully traceable so you can understand the complete story of what you are buying. What materials make up the product, where they have come from, the conditions they were made under, how they were delivered and how the product can be re-used in the future.

We will be introducing an Interior Management System where we can register the individual customer’s furniture items so they can easily be surveyed and brought into play in a new way.

We can also then calculate the carbon footprint of all our furniture.



We place a strong focus on designing long-lasting quality products, to help both the environment and to be beneficial to you.

The design and construction of our furniture and the materials used enable reuse.

Modular, mobile and flexible, the furniture can be updated with new parts, be re-used or integrated into new contexts.


We care about waste and use a very precise cutting list to ensure little wastage of our materials. Our machinery such as our CNC machine helps us to do this.

Waste Products.

Any waste that is produced is used for other products such as where worktops are cut away for sinks we use this waste to make trays and handles.

Design for…


Ease of Moving

Project Management/fit-out.

To take your project from conception to completion we prefer to manage the complete process to ensure you will receive our high quality level of service.

Our experience at managing complete refurbishment projects, particularly in period properties, means we understand all eventualities that may occur throughout the course of a project.

Drawing on the skills of our established team of tried and tested tradesmen, including electricians and plumbers, we trust in open and precise communication to keep everything on track.

Our sustainability goals mean that we are putting in procedures to minimise waste on site, use recycling centres where possible and reuse what we can on other projects. We can also advise on the best environmental practices for your build.

Special Projects.

We have over 30 years of experience working across multiple mediums from small scale models , organic sculptures to large scale props for TV and film.

Our meticulousness craftmanship and detail underpin any project we undertake, together with a keen appreciation of the human dimension.

An industry renowned for waste we are keen to push forward and cause change with designing and creating for the future, making re-purposeable, long lasting items that do not cause harm for the planet or for us.

For detailed information on past projects please refer to

Props and Models

Experienced in working in a range of materials and scales, using various mediums. With experience in moulding and casting we can use a wide range of finishing techniques.


There has been too much commodity buying and commodity building with little regard for the environment and those who inhabit these spaces. Using manufactured, harmful and toxic materials, that are wrecking our planet and our health. It is time for change and regeneration within our built environments.

Helen Gordon

Co-Founder and Creative Director

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Nested Living have been exceptional throughout the entire project. Their attention to detail and level of professionalism is second to none. Also, the integrity shown by the team was astonishing and filled me with total confidence that my project was in good hands. I look forward to working on many more projects with this creative and dynamic team.

Mark Mariou