DESIGN: Designed by Kitecreative

BRIEF: To design and build a 1960s themed retro kitchen to reflect colours that the client was inspired by on his trips to Mexico and Morocco. With the 1960’s marking the beginning of when kitchens became the centre of the home the client was also looking for an open and spacious area, that would be more than just a place to prepare food, to be functional aswell as aesthetic and to be as sustainable as possible.

THE SPACE: The rear of the house was opened up to create a new lounge-kitchen-diner with a row of rooflights above and timber bi-fold doors to the landscaped garden. 

CABINETRY: In keeping with the style of 1960s kitchens. flat-faced wood cabinets were created using natural low carbon materials. The carcasses were built using a glueless construction for easy future disassembly and finished with a bright red and orange low VOC paint. In keeping with the retro style, a combination of closed cupboards and natural wood open shelving was built to act as a feature. The worktop was made from solid birch and lightly oiled. 

FITTINGS: Leftover waste material was used to make the handles.

How are we creating impact?

Greater Health and Wellbeing

  • Creating a visually appealing aesthetic and ergonomic kitchen
  • Reducing toxic chemicals and pollutants with the sustainable materials used

Environmentally by reducing energy emissions and lowering the carbon footprint

  • By providing high energy rated environmental appliances,
  • Designing out waste
  • Using Kite to locally design and manufacture the kitchen
  • Designing for disassembly and repurposeability by using a glueless construction for the carcass, and sustainable recyclable materials