Working with River Cottage we have created a fully sustainable bar using natural materials, that can be repurposed in the future for subsequent trade fairs.

Following a circular process where waste is designed out, this has been delivered using a combination of locally sourced reclaimed timber and renewable/recyclable materials, helping to reduce the embodied carbon content and keep toxins to a low level.

We have designed a modular system that can be broken down into 4 sections for ease of storage and future use.

The front of the bar contains 3 decorative panels made from poplar ply, recycled pallets, floorboards and timbers that can be completely removed and replaced as and when required.

The carcass has been constructed from exterior grade Poplar Ply, an extremely sustainable material due to its renewable qualities, and it has been built using a glue less construction using metal fixings to allow repurposing and recycling in the future.

The frame is made from recycled timbers and the worktop is made from Richlite Paper, an incredibly durable material made from layers of recycled or sustainably harvested FSC Certified Paper.

Containing an area to display plants on the top of the bar along with the River Cottage sign this aesthetic and environmental bar will provide a sustainable resource to serve River Cottages need for many a year to come.