Living is also about making one’s home in a particular place or with a particular person. With true meaning and purpose, we can focus not only on eating, shelter and water but also mental health and our happiness.

There are many ways in which the environment and how we live is crucial to our wellbeing and effects how we live. There is now an emerging body of evidence that suggests that the local environment, and particularly natural environments, meet a wide range of human needs and promote wellbeing. Nature instils a sense of meaning, and is a significant component of wellbeing, with its role providing a range of benefits including making us more reflective, contributing to our personal growth, inspiring awe and evoking a feeling of wholeness and belonging.

Our whole ecosystem and wellbeing is threatened by our consumption rates, the toxic materials we use in the built environment, and the waste that is created. Traditional healthcare delivery systems primarily focus on addressing health after people have already become sick. With rising costs and the increased burden of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, people are turning to more lifestyle-oriented and preventative approaches to health.

Our regenerative framework enables us to offer services to enhance our living post occupancy. After project completion we continue to monitor and evaluate our work ensuring the highest standards are kept while in use. Spaces can sometimes evolve and so we can be there to help update if needed or if any issues arise.

The design and construction of our furniture and the materials used enable reuse. Modular, mobile and flexible, the furniture can be updated with new parts, be re-used or integrated into new contexts. We are developing a comprehensive servicing system to help to further extend the life of our products. Offering a repair service, we will also ensure the proper re-use, recycling and disposal of furniture. We are looking at technology such as Loopcycle to enable us to connect to our end users through product traceability, unlocking lifetime commercial and circular value.

Carbon Footprint.

We are in the early stages of working out the total energy and carbon savings of our projects.

  • So far, we are sourcing the most sustainable materials we can find
  • We have started to collate all materials information
  • We plan to produce a carbon calculator to show our carbon journey to reduce to zero,
  • We are also looking at how we can show the embodied carbon that we are using.
  • By using materials such as repurposed agricultural waste, modular fixing methods that allow our products to be repurposed, and local supply chains we are reducing energy levels in production and our carbon generation with the aim to reduce our emissions to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.

Every project is meticulously measured and quantified to give us a clear understanding of the projects needs. This allows us to produce accurate costings and plan your project accordingly so you always get a transparent and fair price.

Bruce Gordon

Co-Founder and Managing Director


I found their customer service and reliability first class. There are always problems when carrying out these types of projects. Since I do not live nearby, I relied on both of them to solve problems and take important decisions on my behalf. Bruce’s team is very skilled, tidy and respectful and the work was carried out to a very high standard with attention to detail.

Troy Mitchell

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